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About Us

Real Food Commitment

We operate as a global frozen food trading headquartered in the UK, Egypt, and the Netherlands. Our expertise lies in IQF vegetables and fruit.

Years of experience

We've fostered strong partnerships with top manufacturing suppliers and prominent companies globally.

Global Reach

Expanding our operations from the Mediterranean and Far East to Central America and mainland Europe.

  • RFC stands as a trusted name synonymous with quality, sustainability, and innovation in frozen produce
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Quality That Exceeds Expectations

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Why Individual Quick Freezing ?

Why choose us

We Offer Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Product Offerings

Our selection includes top-quality frozen products sourced from trusted global farms, ensuring freshness, taste, & nutritional value in every item.

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Quality Assurance

RFC maintains the highest quality standards, preserving the natural goodness of our produce through stringent quality control measures & certifications.

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Logistics & Distribution

With efficient logistics, we ensure prompt delivery & optimal storage, guaranteeing freshness until our products reach customers worldwide.

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Sustainability Focus

Embracing sustainable farming and eco-friendly packaging, RFC is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact.

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Choose Real Food Commitment for our unrivalled quality, & unyielding commitment to customer satisfaction.

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